Nspire happiness

Encinitas is our home town. It happens to be one of the most revered surf towns in the world. It is also home or home-away-from-home for some of the best endurance athletes on the planet. Encinitas has been known as the Mecca of Triathlon and host to training camps for world class cycling teams over many decades. PCH through Encinitas, right where our office is, happens to also be the most heavily-trafficked bicycle corridor in the country!
We utilized Encinitas’ most famous landmark, the Swami’s surf spot at the Self Realization Temple, as graphic inspiration for the jerseys, bib shorts, vests, socks, tee-shirts, hats and accessories that make up this fun and unique cycling offering.

For this Encinitas Collection launch, we have partnered with an Encinitas institution, the ‘nspire happiness foundation, which has a perfectly aligned mission with LBW:
  • Create camaraderie and bonds among all cyclists to help and support one another - Support healthy activities - like cycling - for people of all ages & backgrounds
  • Promote eco-friendly alternative forms of transportation in our communities
  • Represent cyclists in a positive light on the road and among motorists - Keep cycling clubs strong so they can fulfill their missions - Foster growth of cycling among women and youth
Located in Encinitas, the ‘nspire happiness foundation was established by Dr. Mitch Goldman along with his wife, Laura Goldman, and close friends, Stan and Doris Bergum, to bring daily inspiration to people around the world. get on.

delivering the good with the goods

We will bring more good into the world by partnering with those already fighting the good fight and use our power as an exciting new brand to inspire more good within the cycling community.
To show the possibility of being focused and in focused pursuit of delivering the good with the goods.